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HI, My name is Anni Eline

I am a Trainer on a mission to help teams flourish and reach their fullest potential. I do this by offering customized workshops, trainings, and talks on topics such as strengths, engagement at work, and positive communication.

As a Positive Psychology Practitioner, my approach is based on research in Positive Psychology and I use science-based tools in my workshops. I also draw upon my practical work experience in HR, studies in occupational well-being, and my analytical skills perfected by my Master of Science (Econ.) degree.


“Anni recently presented a two part talk on “Knowing your Strengths” to my Job Seekers’ Group. She was very professional, and presented the material very confidently and with a deep base of knowledge on the subject matter. I believe that everyone who attended walked away with a much better understanding of their own unique strengths. I will definitely call upon Anni again in the near future to share her knowledge and insights to the Group.” (Bob Kolf, CEO)

The workshop inspired me to notice the good things in myself and in others. It also sparked transparent conversations with a focus on the positive side of things, which can easily get overlooked in the day-to-day. A great tool to improve your own and other people’s well-being!” (Workshop participant)

“Anni’s authentic enthusiasm carries throughout the workshop. The workshop sparked new ideas and I got concrete tools that I can implement in my day-to-day. I warmly recommend the workshop!” (Workshop participant)

This workshop sparks new ideas on important topics. Inspiring! The workshop helped me to identify my own strengths. I got lots of new ideas to view strengths as resources that I can develop.” (Workshop participant)

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Photos on Unsplash by (from top to bottom): Annie Spratt, Jess Bailey, Sharon McCutcheon, Aaron Burden, and Taisiia Stupak.