Don’t just take our word for it! Here is how previous participants have described my workshops.

WorkshoP Reviews from participants

“The workshop inspired me to notice the good things in myself and in others. It also sparked transparent conversations with a focus on the positive side of things, which can easily get overlooked in the day-to-day. A great tool to improve your own and other people’s well-being!”

“Anni’s authentic enthusiasm carries throughout the workshop. The workshop sparked new ideas and I got concrete tools that I can implement in my day-to-day. I warmly recommend the workshop!”

This workshop sparks new ideas on important topics. Inspiring! The workshop helped me to identify my own strengths. I got lots of new ideas to view strengths as resources that I can develop.”

“Really interesting and rewarding! I learned something new about myself and got concrete ideas about the things that I can work on. I definitely recommend this workshop!”

“An interesting and inspirational workshop. I got useful and concrete tools to use my strengths better, especially at work.”

“An interesting workshop that helped me to identify my own strengths and also provided a fresh perspective on how to view strengths. I recommend you to participate!”

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