Welcome to BUILD A Flourishing TEAM!

Hi! 🙂 My name is Anni Eline, and I help teams boost employee engagement, well-being, and productivity by identifying and unleashing each team member’s unique strengths.

My approach is based on research in Positive Psychology and I use science-based tools in my workshops. I also also draw upon my practical experience in HR and career coaching from international environments (I have worked and studied in the U.S., Finland, Germany, and Spain!), my studies in occupational well-being, and my analytical skills perfected by my Master of Science (Econ.) degree.

I am based in St. Louis, Missouri, although originally I come from Finland. I love walking in the woods, doing yoga, and knitting socks. My favorite kind of music is country, I know, weird for someone who grew up closer to Santa Claus than honky-tonks.

But now, let’s talk a little bit more about the topic that you came here for: employee engagement, well-being, and productivity through strengths.


If I told you that you can reach better results by developing your strengths rather than your weaknesses, would you believe me? I know, it sounds like a crazy idea because most of us have learned to focus on fixing what we can’t do, rather than becoming excellent at what comes easily and naturally to us. We also tend to help others to develop by fixing their areas of improvement. Most employee reviews and 1-on-1s focus on improving our weaker areas rather than cultivating our strengths.

And I get it, I have also been there and I do think that sometimes working on our areas of improvement is necessary. However, research suggest that we should shift our focus more toward developing and using our existing strengths better. This improves our overall well-being as well as engagement and productivity at work.

When we focus on what we are good at and what we like doing (=strengths), we enjoy the activity more and we are also more likely to reach better results. It also makes sense time-wise: becoming average at something that is not natural to us is way more time-consuming than becoming excellent at something that is easy and fun for us. According to research, focusing on strengths leads to increased well-being AND better performance at work (VIA Institute on Character, 2021).

And the beauty of focusing on strengths in teams is that when everyone contributes what they are the very best at, there is no limit to what the team can reach together!

Ready to unleash your team’s superpowers?

My workshops are all about helping your team to identify their unique strengths, and using these strenghs better to reach the organization’s goals. The individual workshops fit nicely into your off-site activities, team events, and wellness days. We can also build an engagement program of multiple workshops.

And of course, I draw upon my own strengths in the workshops 🙂 I use my appreciation of beauty and excellence to prepare visually appealing materials, love to create a warm atmosphere during the workshop, love of learning to keep professionally up-to-date, and honesty to bring my full, authentic self to the workshop. I share lots of examples and we do exercises to help grasp the strengths mindset.

Get in touch with me here to set up a free consultation call. Can’t wait to hear from you!